General conditions of use, service and contracting in


The present notice of GENERAL CONDITIONS AND CONDITIONS OF USE, SERVICE AND CONTRACTING of the website INSTALL4APP.COM regulate access, navigation, use, service and contracting of websites under the domain “INSTALL4APP.COM” (hereinafter, “website” ) as well as the responsibilities arising from the use of its contents (understanding hereinafter “contents” texts, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, photographs, music, videos, sounds, databases, images, and any other creation protected by Spanish laws and international treaties on intellectual property).

Regardless of the conditions thereof, Install4App. may establish private conditions to adjust the use and/or contracting of specific services offered to users through the website.

It is understood that access or mere use of the website by the user implies adherence to these General Terms and Conditions of Use, and Procurement Service that Install4App. has published at any time when you access the website, and will be available to users. Therefore, the user should read these general conditions of use, service and contracting in INSTALL4APP.COM. In this sense, the term “User” refers to the person who accesses, uses or participates in the services and activities, free or onerous, developed in the site owned by Install4App.

Likewise, through the website, Install4App. may enable third parties (natural or legal) to advertise or provide their services.

This website has a number of utilities free and other onerous. Such utilities are well defined on the website and the user acknowledges being aware of the limitations that in this aspect, the platform may contain at all times.

Before using and/or contracting these specific services provided by Install4App., the user must read these General Terms and Conditions of Use, Service and Contracting created for this purpose by Install4App. The use and/or contracting of these specific services implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use, Service and Contracting that regulate them in the version published by Install4App. at the time that such use and/or contracting occurs.


Navigating the website INSTALL4APP.COM is free in its essential purpose. However INSTALL4APP.COM gives users the possibility to extend its provision of services benefits under the name User “Premium” Plan or by purchasing spaces to increase the number of visible applications in the User “Basic” Plan. In any type of subscription the access may be restricted by the operator of the web at any time.

The purpose of the website is to create a community of users who make install of applications for Android (Google Play) systems. A community that can be accessed by two roles: User “Basic Plan” . To obtain the status of user “Basic Plan” it will be required the effective registration on the website INSTALL4APP.COM

A) Register as User “Basic Plan”.

User registration as “Basic Plan” is done for free by the registration form that INSTALL4APP.COM can include every moment and called “CREATE ACCOUNT”.

User “Basic Plan” must provide certain information to the website with the sole purpose of managing its application in the most efficient manner. These data provided by the user may be used by INSTALL4APP.COM of advertising notifications from both the platform and third parties which INSTALL4APP.COM has business relationships with.

In any case, the user will be informed of the possibility to unsubscribe from these notifications in each of the sent emails. For more information see our legal notice.

The User of the “Basic” plan may contract slots, according to prices and specifications at any time, to increase the number of applications to be installed by the community. These slots will be paid in a unique and indefinite way as long as the service is accessible.

In no case the user’s effective registration in the section User “Basic Plan” means the acceptance of any of the costly services which INSTALL4APP.COM offers.

The data provided by the User “Basic Plan” must be true at the time of the account creation. INSTALL4APP.COM reserves the right to refuse at any time the user registration or terminate your access without prior notice for breach of any clause of this document of Conditions of Use, Service and Contracting, as well as the community rules established at any time.


Once effectively registered, users can start creating and receiving install. The conditions by which a user can create and receive install within the platform are:

1st Effective registration on the platform: the user must register on the platform effectively. This record is complete when the user proceeds to the account verification by the means INSTALL4APP.COM deems the most appropriate at all times.

Generally it is enough to confirm the account via the link sent to the email platform with which the user performs registration.

2nd Add your applications: from this moment, the user can add the applications according to the plan that he or she is at that time.

3rd Install applications from other users: the user can rinstall applications from other users that are registered on the platform and those that the platform provides at all times.

4th Receive installs of applications added by the user: the user can start receiving installs from other users of the platform.

INSTALL4APP.COM will not accept applications when they are considered by the quality team of INSTALL4APP.COM as:

– “Applications susceptible to be malware.”

– “Unlawful Applications” understood by these, those applications that violate any intellectual right.

– “Applications contrary to public policy” understood by these, that may be regarded as dangerous by the competent authority or incite the commission of crime.

The applications offered by users must be 100% original or hold on it the right to exploit appropriate at any time. Failure to follow this guideline will result in the immediate closure of the user account, and the loss of the gathered benefits.

In any case the user exempts INSTALL4APP.COM from any responsibility on the use of the applications or the install made by the users of the platform.

The platform offers the user the system to get points exchangeable for install from other users. Generally this system operates as follows; however, the platform can vary its operation. Variations of this operation will be posted on the platform for the general knowledge of users:

– For every install, the user will obtain one point. This point will be accumulated in the user’s account and deducted when another user performs a install on the application of the first user. In any case the purchase of points among users is absolutely prohibited.

Limits on the number of applications which can be uploaded into the platform and which can be installed, as well as all the benefits that each of the accounts set for the user, will be exhibited in the platform in a visible manner. These can be modified by the platform at any time. Such amendments shall be notified to users.

5th Multi-account policy or multiple accounts per user:

Each user, team or company is allowed to use a single account/email. It is not allowed that a single person, team or company has more than one account. This is regularly checked, by detecting users with the same IP, proxys and similar patterns.

In the event that a user skips this rule, he or she may be banned from the platform without prior notice.

In the event that someone is using 2 accounts from one location lawfully, it is necessary to communicate it to the administration. On the contrary, both accounts might be deleted from the system since they break the terms of service.


Users of members of the “Basic Plan” acquiring extra spaces to publish applications, must pay the monthly fee or single payment to hold such status or benefit.

– PayPal: You can purchase slots via PayPal.

Install4App. declines any responsibility for any incidents that these secure payment environments can produce with respect to the user, who must resolve such incidents with the payment provider in case of no fault of Install4App.


The goods and services offered and provided by Install4App are included within the group of “intangibles” and are considered to be of “instant provision”. Therefore there is no possibility of refund or waiver under the terms that the Law of Consumers and Users recognizes.

The disposal of the service by the client is performed instantly once the team of INSTALL4APP.COM validates the payment of the service, so the client is bound to use the product without being able to exercise their right of return or withdrawal.

However the user can cancel the service within the platform at any time, but without the possibility of a refund of any amounts already paid.